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Rain Technology’s new Passenger Infotainment Display enables vehicle passengers to enjoy entertainment content without distracting the driver.

The patented display electronically switches between a No-Driver-Distraction mode and a Shared driver and passenger viewing mode.

Boulder, Co. August 11,2022 – Today, Rain Technology announce the launch of their new precision-engineered automotive display with two switchable modes for the customer to enjoy. The No-Driver-Distraction mode provides an infotainment display for the passenger that cannot be discerned by the driver. The Share mode enables both driver and passenger to enjoy the display, for example, when the vehicle is stationary, displaying map data, or when the vehicle is in an approved self-driving mode.

The new display is compatible with standard LCD and OLED automotive displays and touch screens. Its brightness is automatically adjusted to suit ambient conditions and maintain no distraction to the driver. Rain’s new technology is offered in two versions: standard black (where the driver sees a dark screen) and a high-performance reflective effect option.

Robert Ramsey, CEO of Rain Technology, explained “We are excited to partner with Tier 1 integrators and Brands to bring this technology into series production.” He continued, “This  technology is already proven in the consumer space, with millions of shipped products and an established supply chain ready to accelerate customer development.”

Rain Technology’s new high-performance display can offer a solution to safety and regulatory requirements in modern vehicles.

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