Rain Technology Spearheads the Next Generation of Display Technologies with an Advanced Optical Film Coating Line

A recent survey shows that an average person spends almost 7 hours (six hours and 55 minutes to be precise) in front of a screen daily. This equates to 40 percent of waking hours. In some countries, the percentage is as high as 60%. With that much screen time, features like brightness, anti-hacking protection, and power savings become increasingly important to end-users and a fantastic differentiator for manufacturers of mobile devices, automotive displays and other mini-LED, micro-LED and AR/VR platforms. At the leading edge of this next generation of disruptive display technologies through the development of new proprietary optical films is Rain Technology.

Rain’s optical film coating line began as a concept that would enable its brand and OEMs customers to expedite the delivery of something new and relevant to the display market, for example, liquid crystal optical coatings that control light for better e-privacy, brightness, and power efficiency. Rain pushed past the idea stage, in 2018 implementing an advanced coating line to create rapid prototypes of optical films, resulting in shorter design cycles, lower development costs, and comprehensive quality control. “We can scale disruptive products using Rain’s technology to volume with the utmost confidence,” says Robert Ramsey, Rain Technology CEO. “The addition of this coating line streamlines our development cycle and facilitates quick and easy transfer to mass production.”

Rain’s coating line sequentially combines multiple processes and steps whereby a coating of liquid crystal materials is applied on a transparent optical film in a particular directional orientation, dependent on the specific optical function needed. Applications for which Rain is exploring and developing prototypes include passenger infotainment displays used in the automotive industry, e-privacy for consumer mobile and computing devices, and AR/VR products. “Our goal is to offer brands and OEMs differentiating technologies to thrive in a marketplace that’s become highly commoditized. They can add new features and functionality to products confident in the R&D support of Rain,” Ramsey continues “We give them the tools and recipes to get to market faster and successfully.”

Thanks to its advanced coating line and proprietary design capability, Rain has already aligned with several premiere consumer and automotive brands, including Hewlett-Packard. From the coating line prototypes to the final products, Rain helps its technology partners through licensing of its patented intellectual property and technology, supply chain management, and to scale products from idea through launch and beyond.

Step 1 of the coating line process flow — Unwinder. Unwind for coated substrates (film).
Step 2 of the coating line process flow –Micro Gravure Coating head. Equipment for coating liquid crystals & alignment layer on substrates.
Step 3 of the coating line process flow –Heating Dryer inlet (Feed)
Step 4 of the coating line process flow –Heating Dryer. Volatilize and dry the solvent of liquid crystal.
Step 5 of the coating line process flow –Rewinder for face & UV curing area. Reactive & Alignment of Liquid Crystals Using UV light.
Step 6 of the coating line process flow –Winder. Rewind the coated substrates (Film).

Rain is ready to breathe new life into the saturated display market with innovative technology that solves increasingly pervasive problems and drives higher performance, consumer satisfaction, and sales. All great innovation starts with an idea. Rain is taking ideas to fruition, through its advanced optical film coating line where prototypes can be customized and developed into marketable next-generation display products for a range of industries.To learn more about Rain, its technology and how to align with the company, please contact or

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