Touch Taiwan 2022

"Touch Taiwan” is the largest electronic technology event in Taiwan, garnering exhibitors from countries including China, Japan, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom.  

It is supported by industry associations including TDUA, TPSA, TDMDA, TEEIA, and SID. This year’s exhibition took place between April 27th and April 29th, 2022, and it gathered 320 representative manufacturers in the exhibition hall, with a total of 933 booths. Rain Technology worked with its partners, EDT, CMMT, and BenQ, to present unique and compelling technology demonstrations at their booths.

At the Emerging Display Technologies Corp. (EDT) booth, we presented E-Privacy for Point of Sale (POS) applications. Enabling users to test the anti-snooper function using a 14-inch touch screen for hands-on control. The user has a virtual button on the control interface, presenting an easy-to-use interface for switching between a narrow angle privacy mode and a wide-angle share mode.   The snoopers cannot recognize the screen image outside the viewing angle cone of +/- 45 degrees. In privacy mode, the screen is still easily viewed by the user and in both modes maintains extremely low power consumption.

At the Cheng Mei Materials Technology Corp. (CMMT) booth, we showed our mobile phone E-Privacy solution, which uses a polarizer and special optical film from CMMT. Rain Technology exploited its core expertise in display optical path design to develop the world's latest mobile phone with E-Privacy. This advancement enables users to switch between a narrow display viewing angle privacy mode and a wide viewing angle share mode. Privacy mode prevents passersby from viewing the phone from beyond 45-degree viewing angles to both the left and right sides. The operating mode can be switched as required when in public or private spaces. This technology is focused on providing the privacy that consumers, merchants, and businesses want and need to keep their information safe.  User experience is always at the top of our mind, and the brightness and color of the mobile phone remain pure and vibrant. This has been achieved by using a special optical film design and Rain's patented eQ optical stack. To meet customers’ preference, the design can be configured to show either a black or metallic luster to snoopers, while the user seems a completely normal image.

At the BenQ booth, we jointly showed our Passenger Information Display (PID) for automobiles. In this system, BenQ supplied a specialized film designed by our team. That film utilized BenQ’s advanced optical tooling technology and enabled us to realize a display with electronically switchable viewing angle and very high image uniformity.  The screen can restrict light to just the passenger (avoiding driver distraction) or be switched to enable driver and passenger viewing. Inside this demo, we can control the light at a class-leading 25 degrees to be less than 0.75% of the head-on output. We take pride in having achieved the most impressive specification in the industry and look forward to this technology entering series production.

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