Anamorphic Waveguide Technology™

Rain’s patented Anamorphic Waveguide Technology™ enables automotive headlights to dynamically and accurately adapt their beam patterns in the driver’s field of vision for improved vehicle and pedestrian safety.      
Anamorphic Waveguide Technology™ graph

How it works

Our Anamorphic Waveguide Technology™ features a proprietary anamorphic imaging system that leverages LED array technology for improved performance and safety.
Using an array of high-brightness closely-spaced LEDs, an anamorphic mirror, and an anamorphic lens system, our technology produces programmable headlight beamlets that can respond to moving objects in the driver’s front view to generate an integrated beam pattern that can be dynamically adjusted. This preserves full illumination of pedestrians and cyclists for the driver while eliminating direct head-on light that might impair oncoming traffic.

Anamorphic Waveguide Technology™ vs.
Conventional ADB Headlights

Unlike some other approaches, Rain’s ADB technology approach does not need moving or rotating mechanical parts.  
Our Anamorphic Waveguide Technology™ potentially offers an ultra-thin, high-brightness, and high-efficiency alternative to conventional ADB headlights, and all with improved manufacturability.          
Rain’s Anamorphic Waveguide Technology™ has class-leading low physical depth and is also power-efficient, enabling customers to readily integrate our patented technology with their current designs.

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