E-Privacy Display

Switch between Public and Private Mode

The most sensitive data is often presented on screens. Our state-of-the-art integrated display and software technology solutions empower both users and IT departments with easy, one-click switching between Public and Private modes on any screen — meaning your customers and teams can securely view private documents anywhere.


Switchable Privacy Screen (POS)

Switch between Privacy and Public mode for customer purchases

Customer and staff-operated POS terminal numbers are expanding rapidly, and those same customers are increasingly sensitive to their purchases and data being “visually hacked”. Rain Technology’s Privacy screen electronically switches to a narrow view angle, so customers are reassured that their data is visually protected while using the terminal and enables them to complete purchases securely, quickly, and confidently.


Passenger Infotainment Display (PID)

Switch between No-Driver-Distraction mode and Shared driver and passenger viewing mode

Passengers want to enjoy entertainment content on the large display screens fitted to modern vehicles. But safety and regulatory requirements dictate that the driver must not be distracted by this content whilst driving. Rain Technology PID screen electronically switches between NDD Mode and Share Mode.


AR/VR & MicroLED

Early granted US patents that underpin the present and future of microLED display tehcnology.