With our 30+ years of display expertise and innovations in luminance control, we’ve developed a patented optical layer technology that can easily integrate into standard displays to deter visual hacking and enable automatic switching between Private and Public Modes

Public Mode

When a user completes an interaction or task and steps away from the screen, the display will automatically revert back to Public Mode, which features a wide view angle and allows your company to display information that is clearly visible to all passersby

Private Mode

In Private Mode, displays will electronically switch to a narrow view angle that permits less than 1.0% screen visibility outside of a 45° angle viewing window — securing sensitive on-screen data for your users, even when screens are positioned side by side

Unparalleled Performance

iphone with privacy screen

Luminance Control

In Private Mode, our technology precisely controls luminance and reflected ambient light to virtually eliminate visibility for off-axis snoopers while retaining image resolution, brightness, and contrast for the head-on user. In Public Mode, off-axis snoopers experience the same image visibility as the head-on user, with no impact on image quality

Consistent brightness

Our privacy technology dynamically adjusts to ambient lighting conditions, allowing for bright, high-quality panel viewing greater than 1000 nits in both light and dark environments

Reflective and standard screen options

You can customize privacy display options according to your specific users’ needs, choosing between: 
1. Our standard dark privacy screen that dims the luminance emitted by the display for snoopers 
2. Our high-performance reflective screen, which utilizes unique optical stacking to create a reflective “copper mirror” effect for off-axis snoopers and passersby

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