Rain Technology’s Switchable E-Privacy Display Solution Improves Point Of Sale Security

Rain Technology’s E-privacy technology has already been implemented in screens of smartphones, laptop computers, and in-vehicle infotainment displays. Now, the company is expanding its proprietary E-privacy technology to another growing market, launching capabilities in the area of E-privacy to provide unprecedented differentiation in the point-of-sale product category. Third-party manufacturers can offer their retail customers convenient, secure, and efficient point-of-sale devices that dramatically enhance the customer experience. Customers utilizing point-of-sale devices enabled by Rain Technology E-privacy technology can handle their transactions quickly and easily without confidentiality concerns when shopping and paying for goods and services. At the same time, businesses can learn more about their customers’ shopping habits and streamline their operations while retaining customers and increasing sales revenue.

E-privacy technology from Rain Technology provides the assurance consumers need to feel comfortable sharing personal and financial data with a retailer. The more at ease they are, the more willing they’ll be to offer insights into their shopping preferences, demographic information, and credit card data to purchase products and services. Greater comfort and security make the whole shopping and information-sharing experience more pleasurable.

Users of privacy-protected point-of-sale devices acknowledge a retailer that goes the extra mile for its customers and shows their appreciation through exceptional loyalty and repeat business. Retailers can deliver a customer experience that elevates their level of professionalism, demonstrates their dedication to staying technologically current, and differentiates them from the competition.

Employing E-privacy technology on a point-of-sale device also mitigates financial risk for both parties. “Customers want to feel that the retailer pays attention to and cares about their privacy and the protection of their data,” explains Paul Treichler, Rain Technology Head of Sales. “A point of sale terminal is a very visible manifestation of this, and poor attention to the point of sale privacy may suggest a similar attitude to customer data in other aspects of the business.”

Retailers adopting point-of-sale devices may utilize physical shields and frames to protect themselves and their customers from financial risks. Yet, well-practiced hackers can still steal PINs and other sensitive information by glancing at a neighboring POS terminal at a retail shop. It’s also relatively easy for hackers to surreptitiously record images using high-resolution cameras fitted to modern cellphones, for example by pretending to be making a call.

Rain Technology’s E-privacy solution, by comparison, renders these potential hacking practices next to impossible without compromising ease of use. A point-of-sale device employing the technology electronically switches to a narrow view during the transaction processes. The change is apparent to the user but without compromising their comfort or ease of use. They can complete transactions quickly and confidently, assured that their information is being visually protected. Once the transaction is complete, the point-of-sale device can default to “public mode,” which allows retailers to openly present customer incentives and programs or other branding or advertising. The E-privacy technology delivers two distinct advantages to retailers and customers through these two switchable modes: better communication and engagement without jeopardizing sensitive data.

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